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I. Rabbi Nachman
Rabbeinu ha Kadosh commanded us to print enough to fill the whole world -- every house -- with his books.

II. Rabbi Natan
Rabbi Natan, before his passing on the tenth of Tevet: "One page from the books of Rabbeinu will root out all the evil from the world. Be strong with money, effort, belongings, and in every issue, to print his holy books."

III. Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser
"This is the idea of the Redemption. But the meaning that we can reach, what we can speak of about this: That he reveals here 'Full and overflowing from end to end' -- to fill the whole world more than full and overflowing, from one end of the world to the other, to fill the world with the books of Rabbeinu."

Rabbi Israel Ber Odesser's desire was to spread Rabbi Nachman's books to the four corners of the earth, and to distribute them at the lowest possible price, so that all would be able to benefit from them. In accord with this desire, we are now making a wide selection of Breslov books available to you over the internet, free of charge.

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