The Tikun Aklali
The General Remedy


Prayer of Rabbi Nathan


" I will sing to the L-rd with my life, I will sing to my G-d while I live. May my speech be pleasant to Him; I will rejoice in the L-rd. Give praise to the L-rd with the harp, with the ten stringed harp sing to Him. O G-d, a new song I will sing to You. With the ten-stringed lyre I will sing to You. For You gave me joy, O L-rd, with Your deeds; I shall sing about the works of Your Hands. "

Master of the World, L-rd of Everything, Creator of all souls, Master of all actions, who chooses melodic songs, help me and show me grace with Your great mercy and Your powerful lovingkindnesses, that I shall merit to awaken, to extract, and to reveal all the ten types of song that are included in the Book of Psalms.

In the merit of these Ten Chapters of Psalms that I have recited to You, which correspond to the ten types of song: Ashray, Beracha, Maskil, Shir, Nitzuach, Niggun, Tefilla, Hoda'ah, Mizmor, Haleluyah.

In the merit of the Songs and in the merit of the verses and the words, the letters, the vowels, and the cantillation marks, as well as the names that come from them, from both initial and terminal acronyms.

In the merit of King David, may Peace be unto him, along with all the Ten Tzaddikim who established the Book of Psalms.
In the merit of the Tzaddik who is the Foundation of the World, the Flowing Stream, the Source of Wisdom, Our Teacher Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'uman, Rebbe Nachman ben Feige, may his merit protect us, who revealed and arranged for us to say these Ten Chapters of Psalms in order to repair the Covenant.

In the merit of all the True Tzaddikim and true Chassidim, grant me merit and grace that I should merit in Your great mercy to extract all the drops of semen that left me in vain, whether accidentally or on purpose, whether under duress or willingly ( if you are reciting this Prayer for a seminal emission that happened the previous night, G-d forbid, then add: and especially all the drops that left me this last night, because of the pollution which came upon me due to my many sins).

With Your great mercy, compassion, and strength, let me merit to extract all of these drops from the husks and from the evil forces, from all the places to where they fell and were scattered and dispersed. Don't let us be pushed away from You. Please subdue, break, kill, uproot, abolish, and nullify all the husks, and all the spirits, demons, and Liliths that were made, created, and fashioned through these drops that came out of me in vain. Remove from them their life-force; extract and steal from them the holy vitality and all the holy sparks that they swallowed.

Master of the Universe, you are the living and enduring G-d, the primal life-force, who is full of mercy and who judges the whole world favorably always who desires lovingkindness and does manifold goodness. My Father, my Father, my Deliverer and Redeemer, I know, O L-rd, I know that I myself am guilty and iniquitous, even for the emissions that happened to me by accident, because I didn't guard my thoughts at all, and I fantasized by day until I came to be defiled at night. Through this I ruined what I ruined and caused what I caused and destroyed what I destroyed. Woe, woe, woe to my soul, woe to my soul for I paid myself back with evil. What should I say, what should I speak, how can I justify myself? G-d has found my sin.

Here I am before You in great guilt, here I am before You full of embarassment and shame, full of dirt and filth, full of evil abominations, and there is no language in the world that can express the tremendous pity that is on me. For it is evil and bitter, for it blemished my soul. It is very bitter for me, my Father in Heaven. It is very bitter for me, Master of all the worlds. See my sighs and groans, for my soul is very bitter, to the point that I don't know how I am able to live from the terrible bitterness of my soul, which reaches up to the Heavens, for I cut short my life. Why do I need life like this, life more bitter than death ? My soul has drunk from the bitter cup of poison.

Master of the Universe! You alone know the many, numerous, great, powerful, and terrible blemishes that are caused by this in all the worlds. How can I repair this now, with what can a child like me repair that which I've destroyed? But still I know and I believe with complete Faith that there is no despair in the world at all, and that I still have hope, and my hope in the L-rd has not been lost. For the lovingkindness of the L-rd does not cease and His mercies do not end. Therefore I have come before You, O L-rd my G-d and G-d of my Fathers. G-d of Abraham, G-d of Isaac,and G-d of Jacob. G-d of all the True Tzaddikim and Chassidim, and G-d of all Israel. G-d of the first and the last. I have come to ask that You will show mercy to me and help me follow Your decrees and guard Your statutes. Please subdue my evil nature to be subservient to You, and rebuke my evil urge. Banish it from me from now and forever. Guard me, save me, and help me escape now from all types of evil fantasies and thoughts, from blemishes in sight and speech, and save me from now on from all types of flaws in the Covenant in the world, in thought, speech, and action. Be with me always, guard me, and save me from an accident by day or by night from now and forever.

Our Father, powerful, living, and enduring King, strong Redeemer, I spread out to You my hands, rescue me, rescue me! Save me, save me! Rescue those who are being taken to death, rescue one pursued and guilty like me, rescue me from the lowest Hell. Give me hope and don't let me be lost, G-d forbid. For what profit is there in my blood, in my falling to destruction? Can the dirt praise You and tell of Your Truth?

My eyes are raised to the Heavens. O L-rd, exploit me, guarantee me, secure Your servant for the good. Don't let the wicked exploit me, for I have no strength apart from my mouth, I have no refuge and trust except in You alone, in Your great mercy and lovingkindness alone; in Your true compassion, in Your eternal grace, in the strength and merit of the Tzaddikim, who guarded the Covenant in the epitome of perfection after which there is no more perfection. In them I place my stakes, on them I shall lean and support myself. In their merit and strength I trust and hope. For You will not abandon my soul to Hell, You will not let Your Chassid see destruction. Please, O L-rd, save me; please O L-rd rescue me, see how endangered I am, torn in the heart of the sea.

Master of the World! Master of the World! Full of mercy and full of lovingkindnesses; full of Grace, full of pity; full of good; full of desire, we already accepted upon ourselves to call out to You always. Behold I am now fulfilling this acceptance and I am calling out to You from a lowly place, from such disgraceful places. From the depths I cried out to You, O L-rd, from such disgraceful places. From the depths I cried out to You, O L-rd, from the deepest depth. From the straights I cried out to G-d; please answer me in the open space. Due to our many sins we have fallen very low, and now, in the Footsteps of the Messiah, we have fallen to places extremely lowly and humble that Israel has never fallen into before, as it is written: " She will fall wondrously; no one will comfort her." Even so, we will not despair, G-d forbid, in any way in the world at all. For you've already promised to return us from the depths of the sea, as it is written: " The L-rd said: From Bashan I will return them, I will return them from the depths of the sea." And it is written: " Even when they will be in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them, I will not despise or utterly destroy them, or break my Covenant with them, for I am the L-rd their G-d."
Master of the World! Open Your mouth to a mute like me, and send me words from Your exalted holy abode from Heaven, in a way that I will be able to conquer You, in order to please You and appease You, that You will accept with Your many mercies and powerful lovingkindnesses these Ten Chapters of Psalms that I recited before You, as though King David himself, peace be unto him, recited them. Even though I don't know how to have any of the powerful and awesome intentions that are in these Ten Psalms, may it be Your will, L-rd my G-d, and G-d of my Fathers, that my mere recitation will be important to You as though I perceived and intended all the secrets and intentions that they contain. Let my speech be pleasing before the L-rd of all.
Behold I am throwing my burden upon You. I am binding myself to all the True Tzaddikim in our generation, and to all the True Tzaddikim who dwell already in the dust, to all the holy ones in the earth, and especially to the Tzaddik, Foundation of the World, the Flowing Stream, the Source of Wisdom, Our Teacher Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'uman, Rebbe Nachman son of Feige, may his merit protect us, Amen. With their knowledge and their intentions I have recited all these Ten Psalms Chapters of Psalms, and in their merit and strength may I merit to awaken and reveal all the ten types of song that are included in the Book of Psalms, which are the single, double, triple, quadruple song, which are included in Your special, great and holy name.
The two holy names EIL, ELOHIM, when fully spelled out: ALEPH LAMED, ALEPH LAMED HAY YUD MEM, add up to 485, which is also the numerical value of the word Tehillim (Psalms). In the strength of these holy names, let me merit to extract all the drops of seminal emissions from the belly of the husk that swallowed them, whose name also adds up to 485, for she is the husk that corresponds to and opposes the holiness of the Book of Psalms. In the strength of these Ten Psalms awaken the two holy names EIL, ELOHIM, to kill, break, subdue, uproot, destroy, and nullify this husk that swallowed them, and free her to vomit up all the holy drops from her belly and her innards. Erase her name and memory from the world, and fulfill the verse that is written: " It swallowed valor, but will vomit it up; from his belly G-d will repossess." Please slaughter all of the husks that were created through these drops. Extract and steal from them the holy vitality, as well as all the holy sparks that they swallowed because of this sin. Extract all of them; return and gather them all together in renewed holiness.
Let us merit to accept upon ourselves the yoke of the Kingdom of Heaven with love always, and let us merit to endeavor all our days in Torah, Prayer, and Good Deeds, in truth and with a perfect heart, so that we will merit to create holy bodies and vessels for all the souls that are naked due to our many sins, including through the blemish of seminal emissions that came out of me in vain.
Master of the World, courageously strong and most powerful, do what You can with Your great mercy so that we will merit to repair the blemish in the Covenant and the blemish in our intellect. Whether we blemished ourselves by mistake or intentionally, by force or willingly, for everything forgive and pardon me, O G-d of Forgiveness, the gracious One who pardons greatly. Let us merit to repair all the blemishes in perfection in our lifetimes in the merit of the holy Tzaddikim who are in the earth (and if one is at the holy gravesite of Rebbe Nachman, then add: and in the merit of this Tzaddik who lies here, the Tzaddik, Foundation of the World, the Flowing Stream, the Source of Wisdom. For I have crushed my feet and undertook this difficult journey in order to come here and to prostrate myself on the grave of this True and Holy Tzaddik, who promised us in his holy lifetime to stand and assist us always when we come to his holy grave and give a coin to charity in his memory and say these Ten Chapters of Psalms. And now, I have done what was upon me to do, please now do what is upon You).

Forgive, pardon, and atone for me all the sins, crimes, and offenses that I have committed before You with my 248 limbs and 365 sinews, in thought, speech, and deed, with my five senses and with the other powers of my body, and especially that which I sinned, offended, and blemished against You with the abuse of the Covenant, which encompasses the entire Torah. I have done evil in Your eyes from my youth to this very day. For everything forgive, pardon, and atone, You who are full of mercies. Restore all the names that I blemished with Your great Name. Wash me clean of my iniquity and purify me from my sin. Purify me with hyssop and I will be pure; wash me and I will be whiter than snow. Let me hear gladness and joy. Let my crushed bones rejoice.

Hide Your face from my sins and erase all of my iniquities. Erase my offenses for Your sake, as it says: " I am surely the one who erases your offenses for My sake and your sins I will not recall. " Fill me with Your mercies and always be my help in the merit of the strength of the True Tzaddikim. Guard me and save me always, and give me strength to overcome my evil urge, and to suppress and break my lusts. I will not blemish again what I blemished before, I won't do again the evil in Your eyes, and I won't return again to foolishness. If I did iniquity I will not add to it, for You already promised us that Prayer and Petition also help us to be saved in the future from the Evil Urge and his clique by means of Your true mercies (And if you are at his holy gravesite, then add: and especially at the place of this holy shrine, help me in the merit of the Tzaddikim who are buried here).

Have mercy on me, and give me strength and might from You, that I will merit to overcome and conquer my evil urge always, until I will merit in Your mercy to banish and cast it off from me, as well as to nullify it completely from now and forever. My life has already been consumed with sighing and my years with groaning. My power failed due to my sins and by bones wasted away. My power to endure has failed. Have mercy on me, my Father, Father of Mercy, have mercy on me and hear my prayer, have compassion and pity on me and hear my cry, hear my groaning, hear my screaming. Have mercy, have mercy, save and save, deliver, deliver; don't let my blood fall to the earth before You, don't let my soul fall into the pit. Save me from blood, O G-d, G-d of my salvation. Let my tongue sing of Your great lovingkindnesses, please let Your compassion and lovingkindness be aroused over a wretched soul like myself, for one pursued like myself, one filthy with sins like myself, and one lacking knowledge and advice like myself. For on You alone are my eyes depending, to You alone are my thoughts turning, my eyes are looking to the One on high; please help and please save. Please have compassion and pity on me, and save me to return to You in perfect repentance, in truth, and mth a perfect heart. Let me merit always to do accor-ding to Your good will from now and forever. Give me life according to Your lovingkindness and I will guard the testimonies of Your mouth. Create in me a pure heart, O G-d, and renew a proper spirit within me.

Therefore let this be Your Will, L-rd our G-d and G-d of our Fathers, L-rd of joy and happiness, before whom there is never any sadness at all, as it is written: "Glory and Beauty are before him; Might and Beauty are in His place." Please help me with Your powerful mercies and let me merit to be happy always. Give joy to sad souls; give joy to my soul which is very miserable, wretched, tired, thirsty, and hungry for You. Remove from me sighs and groans, rejoice the soul of Your servant, because to You, O L-rd, I lift up my soul. Inform me of the way of life, satiate me with the happiness of Your countenance, with the pleasantness of Your eternal right hand. Answer me with the joy of Your salvation, and may Your generous spirit support me. Satisfy me with Your goodness and rejoice my soul with Your salvation and purify my heart to serve You in Truth. Awaken my Glory, awaken the harp and the lyre, I will awaken the dawn.

Let us merit to all the Ten types of songs of holiness, which subdue and repair the blemish of the Covenant, as it is written: "I will bless the L-rd who advises me, even by night my reins instruct me." "To Dovid Maskil, happy is the one who bears iniquity and who covers over his sin." "A home and riches are the inheritance of fathers, but a prudent wife is from the L-rd." "By day the L-rd offers his lovingkindness, and at night His song is with me, a prayer to the G-d of my life." "To the Conductor, 'let me not be destroyed.' To Dovid, a Mikhtam, when Shaul sent after him and watched the house to kill him." "I will recall my song in the night, with my heart I am praying and my spirit searches." "Does one eat unsalted meat? Is there taste in the juice of mallows?" "Lest You give Your Glory to others and Your years to my cruel adversary." "And he did not say where is my G-d, my Maker, who gives songs in the night." "Grace is false and beauty vain, a woman who fears the L-rd will be acclaimed!" And it says: "Haleluyah! Praise G-d in His sanctuary; praise Him in the firmament of His power. Praise Him with the sound of the shofar; praise Him with the harp and lyre. Praise Him with the timbrel and dance; praise Him with stringed instruments and the flute. Praise Him with resonant cymbals; praise Him with loud crashing cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the L-rd. Haleluyah !"

Master of the World, blow the great shofar for our freedom, and uplift the banner to gather our Exiles. Ingather the scattered ones from amidst the Gentiles and the distant ones like a miracle from the ends of the earth. Gather in our dispersed ones together from the four corners of the world to our Land, and fulfill for us the verse that is written: "And the L-rd your G-d will return your returnees and show mercy to you, and will return and gather you from all the peoples that the L-rd your G-d scattered you unto. If you will be dispersed to the ends of the Heavens, from there the L-rd your G-d will gather you in and from there He will take you. And He will bring you to the Land that your Forefathers inherited and you will inherit it. He will do good to you and multiply you more than your Fathers." And it says: "Thus says the L-rd G-d, who gathers in the dispersed of Israel: I will yet gather them in." And it says: "The L-rd builds Jerusalem, and will bring in the dispersed of Israel."

Quickly and speedily redeem us, and bring us the righteous Messiah. Rebuild our Holy and Splendid Temple, and bring us to Tzion, Your city, in song and to Jerusalem, Your Holy Temple, with eternal joy, as it is written: "And the captives of the L-rd will return and will come to Tzion in song and with eternal joy on their heads. Joy and happiness they will attain and sighing and groaning will flee." And it says: "For you will go out in joy and in peace you will come in. The mountains and hills will open their mouths before you in song, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands."

And it says: "For the L-rd will console Tzion, He will console all of her ruins, He will make her desert like a paradise and her wilderness like a Garden of the L-rd. Joy and happiness will find her, thanksgiving and the sound of song." "Rejoice in the L-rd and exult Tzaddikim; sing out all the straighthearted. Light is sown for the righteous and joy to the straighthearted. Rejoice, O Tzaddikim, in the L-rd, and give praise to His holy Name" Amen. Netzach. Selah, Va'ed.

Master of the World, causer of all causes and reason for all reasons, You are lofty and above everything and there is nothing higher that You. There is no thought that can grasp You at all, and to You silence is praise and exalted above all blessing and praise. You I will seek, You I will beseech to clear out a path to You, down through all the universes, descending to the place where I am standing now, as is revealed to You, the One who knows the hidden things. Through this path and channel, shine Your light upon me to return me in true and perfect repentance, accor-ding to Your will, and following the way of the True Tzaddikim.
Prevent my mind from thinking any extraneous thoughts or any thought or confusion that is against Your will. Rather, allow me to cleave to You with pure, bright, and holy thoughts, to be in Your service in truth, in Your perception and in Your Torah. Turn my heart to Your testimo-nies and give me a pure heart to serve You in truth. From the depths of the sea, bring me out speedily to great light . The L-rd's salvation comes like the wink of an eye. Let the light of life shine on me all the days of my existence on the face of the earth. Let me merit to renew my youth, the days that passed in darkness, and return them to holiness. Let my departure from the world be like my arrival: without sin. Let me merit to gaze on the pleasantness of the L-rd and to visit His palace, where everything declares: " Glory!" Amen. Netzach. Selah, Va'ed.